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Far from the typical cruise tour, travtag HOLIDAYS cruise lines transport travellers into remarkable, hard-to-reach corners, offering new perspectives and great comfort. Our destination experts carefully select smaller, top-notch vessels – from private sailing yachts to ice-strengthened ships – and weave in service and support from start to finish. Discover extraordinary cruise vacations from the North Pole to Antarctica, British Colombia to the Nile, and the winding rivers of Myanmar and Vietnam.

Luxury Cruise Lines

While almost all cruises provide a sense of luxury, these cruise lines set themselves apart by offering exclusive perks to their passengers and creating a sense of intimacy that sometimes cannot be attained on larger ships. You can expect fewer passengers, elegant dining in a relaxed atmosphere, hand-crafted meals designed by award-winning chefs, and luxurious staterooms with plush bedding, more spacious bathrooms, and typically larger staterooms with more comfortable balconies. Best of all, the ports you’ll explore are among the world’s most coveted: they are not always accessible by today’s largest ships, leaving you with fewer crowds and a feeling that you are truly experiencing a one-of-a-kind vacation.

River Cruise Lines

Imagine a vacation where you get to explore the treasures of Europe or Asia’s most fascinating cities, all in the lap of luxury while only unpacking once. Welcome to the world of river cruising. The popularity of river cruises has grown rapidly over the past few years as the word spreads about this wonderful way to explore the world aboard comfortable, modern ships. we help travellers craft the river cruise itinerary of their dreams, whether it’s through Spain and Portugal, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Switzerland, or a number of other destinations in Europe, Russia or Southeast Asia.

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