If you wish to get away from the hectic schedules life has offered, With our packages, you can choose from more than the 20 countries we have laid out.
If you’re looking for a more adventurous break from the usual, backpacking is the thing for you! because Every solo journeys you embark on is a reminder to know what you are capable of. It’s allowing yourself to grow above all the races you are put through.
But, if you just want to relax and do a little soul-searching in the process, our meditation retreats are the way to go.It’s like a complete state of rhapsody
Want to move away from familiar spaces but at the same time not wanting to live in hotels? We have the solution for you! Live like a local in the country of your choice, in a space that is completely yours, without the room service! Cook your own food, do your own thing!


Want a little adventure in your solo travels? Get your backpack and let’s go! The destinations we’ve laid out for you here is perfect for backpackers (beginners and professionals alike) in your journey of self-discovery at : Thailand, Vietnam, Peru, Sri Lanka, Bolivia, Spain, Lavos, Cambodia, Newzealand


Be one with nature as you attain inner peace in these sanctums perfect for meditation and yoga Ananda in the Himalayas - Uttaranchal - India , Spirit Rock , Woodacre - California , Shambhala mountain center - Colorado , Rolling Meadows - Brooks - Maine , Kalyana centre for mindfulness - Ireland , The middle way meditation Retreat - Pain Thailand , The Buddhist Retreat centre,Kwazulu-Natal , South Africa, Still point lodge, halibut cove - Alaska

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